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Travel Lifestyle Boys Videos Agenda. Gay Dating Just Got Better! Related Items gay app general surge. Click to add a comment. To balance supply and demand during periods of high usage, or 'surges,' Wilson says, Uber uses 'an opaque 'surge pricing' algorithm' that changes fares every five minutes.

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And it divides the cities it services into 'discrete 'surge areas. Samples of a heat map that drivers see. Yellow areas indicate rising passenger demand, orange means pre-surge, and red means surge is in effect. The magnitude of surge can vary across a given region.


The number of ricocheting prices and discretely defined areas leads, the team found, to an unusual and what they say is unfair scenario. It is a common site in big cities - fire up Uber's app and it shows dozens of cars nearby. However, researchers claim all may not be as it seems - and say the controversial firm is showing 'ghost cars' to lure people in. Researchers analysed the firm's app, and fund that the cars shown often didn't tally up with the expected times - forcing Uber to admit the maps don't always show the 'real' cars nearby. Uber drivers in the US have claimed that the smartphone-based car service often displays 'phantom cars', which are not actually circling the location, when customers request a journey.

Research from Alex Rosenblat, a New York-based data researcher who studied how Uber drivers interact with the Uber app, alleges that Uber customers are manipulated by the symbols on their screens.

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Wilson dubs these 'corner cases', where you can walk across the street and all of a sudden the price changes. Times Square, their data show, is one of those corner cases. Surge areas are are manually sections parts of a particular city, each with its own independent price based on intensity of demand at a particular point in time.

The maps of the surge areas look like jigsaw puzzles: Boston, for instance, has nine surge areas. Still, says Wilson, how Uber divided up the cities is not clear. Using servers in a closet on the Northeastern campus, researchers programmed and ran Uber apps 'pretending' to be people at 43 different GPS locations throughout San Francisco and Manhattan over a four-week period.

The data they collected included the surge pricev- that is, the number by which the base price was multiplied during surges - and estimated wait time for each 'ride' as well as the location of the 'request. Crunching the data, they tracked supply and demand, how those dynamics changed over time and distance, and the way surge prices varied by location. The data wasn't conclusive regarding drivers. But Uber driver forums, Wilson reports, contained conversations about 'collusion' - drivers in a specific area uniting to go offline to artificially reduce supply and lead to a price surge.

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A screenshot from Uber's controversial 'God-view' of passenger and driver activity. Blue lines are where the cars have gone, green lines are people that are going to get picked up, and eyeballs are people who have the app open, but haven't yet ordered a ride. For customers, however, the findings were explicit. He notes, however, that you can't know where to walk to or how far if you don't have a detailed surge-area map in hand - and Uber is unlikely to ever provide one.

However, Wilson and his team will. We are developing surge maps, and will put all of them there, too.

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