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Snipped or not, have an enjoyable weekend! Posted by whkattk at 8: Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Thursday, April 11, It Just Did. That's the downside of entering adulthood but still needing to rely on parents for certain things.

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I don't know a way around parents receiving insurance claims other than, maybe, finding a free medical clinic. If you didn't engage in particularly over-enthusiastic, rough sex play with anyone, or got carried away while masturbating and your hand slipped somehow without your knowing it at the time, or you thrust into the mattress too hard The most likely explanation is that you rolled over on a very solid erection while you slept particularly if you sleep in clothing below the waist. The cock needs room for those night time boners.

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Those are the main causes of Peyronies disease. So, here's the thing.

If your dad isn't in the picture at all, you're going to have to become the more mature one and explain "the facts of male life" to your mother. Unless they feel a sharp pain when the Tunica cracks, the majority of men have no idea how they've injured their cock. If you feel the need to be genteel about it, you could say, "Mom, you know those new commercials where they ask, ' Are you curved below the belt?

It just did.


Wednesday, April 10, I Got Nothin'. Posted by whkattk at 7: Tuesday, April 9, Happy Spring to You. Well, I hope to hear from the young guy who was the subject of yesterday's post. With such little information to go on, it's tough to offer any useful information. But, between us all, maybe he'll understand that it's not necessary to match his brother's rigidity.


But, speaking of degrees of hardness, Faithful Reader and friend, mistress maddie, posed this question in his comment: Spring is mating season for most mammals and man is not immune. The testosterone seems to inundate us, making us extra horny, giving an extra boost to to the rise. Donnie briefs were bulging with some impatience. Donnie paraded around some and Kevin noticed that latinos gayporn.

When the boys returned to their room, they closed the door and put their towels.

It was quick to Donnie quickly lathered himself, washed and left. He saw Donnie, and then another boy, who was also obtained. Kevin walked nude in the shower room. Thinking that he did not want to go there now, because he does not want to attract attention. Kevin entertained for a moment.

The boys stripped down to their underpants, Donnie took a towel and headed to the bathroom. Kevin slowly down and rubbed his buttocks to Donny, still covering his cotton briefs. Affectionate Donnie broad shoulders and muscular back. Kevin pressed his hand Donnie and he started. And with this.

Grazing his body with his own, until he got to the other side. And he turned on his stomach with his hands under his chin.

Kevin slid next to him, waiting for Donny to start the first step. Contrast to the solid muscle back Donnie.

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Donkey older boy is not all that small and Kevin was fascinated by its softness. Then he could more easily move Donny's ass, playing with his balls and running his hand down to his thighs. He slid below, under the covers, so that his head was even with the thighs Donnie. Kevin loved to touch the boy. Dick Donny to foot until he resumed fondling ass Donnie. Red-haired boy slipped off his and pressed hardened Donnie their feet. Kevin began to pull on pants Donny and older Donny whispered. Donny felt pampered. He wanted more.


And he began to play with him, very gently stroking it and achievements down to play with their balls. Kevin again and ended up with a very direct member Donnie. He liked to spread his cheeks and even lick his asshole. The older boy remembered his year-old girlfriend and how , dating fat men. More than once.