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【Podcast】How about DATING in Sweden?

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How to find love in the internet jungle? Which is not hard to explain, we all know that, on Tinder there is a section called mutual friends and in small towns, as I mentioned in the podcast, the friends circles are overlapped perfectly well… You might have awkward situations like this:. Of course, big cities have more people. In cosmopolitan cities like Shanghai, the quota that Tinder gives you 50 likes per day is never enough and there are new faces showing up on all these apps every single day. Hell yeah! How fun it is to see your match es on Tinder kissing another person people at the party or at the student bar!

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Guess what? If you deal with things not that carefully, you might put yourself in some very difficult situation… like you dated two people, and they turned out to be best friends.

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These are all true stories, not from me tho, or is it? Most likely, relationships built up and stayed in small cities last longer and will be more easily to end up in marriages while ones in big cities are less stable. The most tricky part!

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  8. Third, even though they are not drunk, they are still super nice. Whenever you ask something, Swedes will always answer you very patiently and gently which is hard to figure out if they are interested in you or just being nice. And one more thing! Time flies. That pretty much summed up the first semester of my master program in Sweden. As a newcomer to both the country and postgraduate education, my life was like a roller coaster.

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    I had […]. First off, Happy new year! This is my first post of and I am hoping to share some positive vibes with you as you plan to send your application or just off to start off a new semester. Also, have you read how you could score a scholarship that opens next month for your […]. How can I meet a Swedish girl? Is there any chat to practice Swedish? Do Swedish men respect Asian women?

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    Updated Oct 8, Answered Mar 21, Call me. Answered Feb 17, Try online. Related Questions What was life like in Swedish Pomerania? Can someone be truly Swedish without a Swedish last name?

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    Which kind of lingerie do Swedish like? What are Swedish girls like? What can be the best moment of being Swedish? What is "bromsar" in Swedish? Why are Swedish girls so hot? Is having a Swedish last name important in Sweden? What is it like to be in the Swedish Army?